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What's New at City Hall?



AAA bond rating - $10M 15-year bond issue @ 1.04% & $35M temporary notes @ 0.62%.

This past summer, the City had two bond offerings. The first, at 1.04%, was called a refunding to refinance three existing outstanding bonds, replacing those at higher interest rate bonds with a single bond with a lower interest rate. This refunding is expected to save over $1.0 MM over the life of the bonds. The second, at 62 basis points, was used to temporarily finance some of the road projects in process, including the work done on 143rd Street. You can see the very attractive interest rates we received are a benefit of our AAA rating.


Ironhorse clubhouse addition to be complete in May - booking golf events for June.

A 5400-sq. ft. addition to the Ironhorse Clubhouse is underway, targeted for completion in May. The current facility is limited to housing groups of 75 comfortably. The new addition will give the golf club the capacity to host events of 100 or more golfers and the City will have an intermediate size space for event rentals. The Lodge is suited for events of up to 300 and is booked out into 2018. The golf clubhouse addition, called Vista 154, will now provide event space for intermediate size parties. Based on our experience over the last several years, people like Leawood's facilities. The clubhouse space is called Vista 154 and will have spectacular views of the surrounding neighborhoods and #2 and #3 fairways.


Rebuilding the amphitheater stage at Ironwoods Park

Construction has begun on the rebuilding of the stage platform at Ironwoods Park, and will be ready for summer theater productions of the Leawood Stage Company. I hope you all come out this summer to see our Broadway style musical productions.


Move trail along creek south of Tomahawk Park

For those of you who use the City's Tomahawk Creek trail system, please note that a portion of the trail be relocated. Sections of the trail south of 119th and east of Roe Ave. will be moved east because the meandering creek has eroded the riverbank and will eventually make the existing asphalt trail unsafe. Work is to be done during the summer months. Watch for detour signs.


Community and Police team up to record evidence (C.A.P.T.U.R.E.)

C-A-P-T-U-R-E is short for Community and Police Team Up to Record Evidence. If your residence, your HOA or your business have an outside surveillance camera viewing a Leawood public area, you may consider signing up with the Police Department to make your surveillance information a potential resource. As crimes occur in Leawood, the Police are not always aware of who may have information that could help solve a crime. This will not be a Police surveillance system nor will they have access to your footage without your consent. They are simply wanting to know who has a system in various areas of the City that could be used to help solve criminal situations. If you have such a surveillance system please click here to learn more.


Fire Department receives ISO 1 designation

The Leawood Fire Department continues to get better and better. Effective June 1st, 2016, the City of Leawood received a Class 1 Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating from the Insurance Services Office (ISO). Most insurers use the PPC classifications for underwriting and calculating premiums for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Many communities also use the rating as a benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of their fire-protection services. The ISO rating classification is provided on a scale of 1-10, with 1 considered as "exemplary", and 10 considered "without protection." Leawood previously held a Class 3 rating. ISO evaluates approximately 48,000 fire departments and districts across the United States. Of those, only 178 currently have a Class 1 rating. The Leawood Fire Department, an accredited department by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI), has joined an elite group currently consisting of only 44 departments nationwide to hold both a Class 1 ISO rating and international fire service accreditation.


All-Inclusive playground at City Park to be ready in April

The Leawood Foundation has been conducting a fundraiser for over a year to raise enough to purchase and install an "all-inclusive playground site" for kids with a variety of special needs. While the City made a modest contribution for the new equipment, the majority of the funds (over $400,000) was from private donors. The playground should be ready for use in April of this year. If you have children with special needs in your family, that may reside in your HOA or have friends who do, please bring them to City Park, north of the swimming pool, to enjoy this wonderful addition. A special thank you to the Leawood Foundation.


Road construction on Roe - College to 119th - March to August

What would summer be in Leawood without some orange barrels and road construction? The Public Works Department has advised me that during the warm months, there will be significant construction on Roe Ave. between College Blvd and 119th St. The work will involve single lanes, improving storm sewers, curbs and changes to the medians, especially on the sections close to Camelot Court and Town Center Shopping Centers. Watch your speed in those areas this summer.


Justice Center Art - "Weight of Your Heart, Weight of a Feather"

You may have noticed a new art piece being installed on the northeast corner of the Leawood Justice Center. The piece is entitled "weight of your heart, weight of a feather" designed by artists in Des Moines. In searching for concepts for the piece, something different than "Lady Justice holding a balance scale", the artists found that certain plants have long associations with justice. That discipline linking plants to specific subjects is called floriography and found that Sweet Chestnut flowers along with Coneflowers and Black Eyed Susans have for years related to justice. The art piece is made of three elements, the three flowers on each side in large steel rectangular pieces with a fulcrum in the center, connoting some semblance of a scale. Ancient Egyptian art depicts a decision point where when you die, if your heart and a feather are of equal weight, you will be permitted to pass unscathed into the next life. The piece is to be lit at night and should be quite spectacular. For more Leawood Public Art.



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