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Browser Requirements - TLS 1.1 or Higher

Please note that your browser MUST BE TLS 1.1
compatible or higher to access our secured sites.

In order to access the following secured sites your browser will need to be compliant with TLS 1.1 or higher. This is a requirement of the Payment Card Industry (PCI 3.1). Earlier versions of TLS and SSL encryption are, according to the PCI standards, non-compliant. Meaning, they are vulnerable to being breached.

Older versions of browsers, both workstations & mobile devices, may not be able to access these sites due them not supporting the higher level of encryption provided by TLS 1.1. You will know this by clicking on the sites below and if they don't appear your browser doesn't support the newer requirements. If your browser doesn't work for this you'll either need to update the browser to a supported version, use a device that does have a supported browser, or replace the device with one that supports the newer requirements.

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