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Kansas Open Records Act

The Kansas Open Record Act [KORA] controls what documents are available for public access. With the exception of specific records listed in the Kansas Open Records Act, [K.S.A. § 45-215 et seq.] all records maintained by the City, must be open for inspection by the public. To facilitate this process, the City has appointed the City Clerk as the local Freedom of Information Officer (FIO) for Leawood. If you would like to inspect or receive a copy of a record, you will be asked to submit your request for information in writing on a form provided by the City. Make your request as specific as possible to ensure your request can be processed in a timely fashion.

Most record requests will be produced within three [3] business days from the time the request is received. If the request is denied, you may ask for a written explanation for the denial. A fee will be assessed for providing access to or furnishing copies of these public records. This fee may be requested in advance.

Records that would not be subject to the Open Records Act:

  • Personnel information of public employees;
  • Medical treatment records;
  • Records which are protected by the attorney/client privilege or the rules of evidence;
  • Records containing personal information compiled for census purposes;
  • Notes and preliminary drafts;
  • Criminal investigation records; and
  • Several other specific records.

Please refer to K.S.A. § 45-221, for a complete listing of the exemptions.

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