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Election Signs

The City of Leawood passed revisions to its sign ordinance in 2010 pertaining to temporary signs. Temporary signs are defined to mean those signs that are intended to be posted for a temporary period of time and that are typically constructed from nondurable materials. The definition excludes signs that fall under the definition of "structure" in the City Codes.

Under the Leawood Code, temporary signs may only be placed on property with the express consent of the landowner or occupant of the premises. Temporary signs may not be placed in the right of way without the consent of the person/entity responsible for maintaining the right of way and even then they may not be placed closer than 5 feet from the back of the curb or pavement of a street. Thus, such signs may not be placed in the public street medians.

Signs may not be attached to trees, fences, other signs or utility poles on public property and may not be placed in such a fashion as to block a clear sight triangle [30 feet in both directions from the point of the intersection and the connecting line].

Temporary signs on any lot may not, in the aggregate, exceed 48 square feet and no individual sign may exceed 16 square feet. The measurement of double-sided signs is taken by calculating the area on one side of the sign only. In no event can a sign exceed 5 feet in height.

Reminder: Local subdivisions may have more stringent rules and regulations and you are encouraged to contact the local owner associations before posting signs.

**Sign has to be more than 5 feet from the curb

**Sign cannot be higher than 5 feet

Temporary Sign Ordinance