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Neighborhood Services - Common Code Violations


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Most Common Code Violations


  • 1. Overgrown weeds and grass
    2. Inoperable / unlicensed automobiles
    3. Peeling exterior paint
    4. Unlawful parking of utility trailer
    5. Parking on lawn
    6. Accumulation of trash & debris
    7. Trash prematurely placed at the curb or stored outside
    8. Construction of detached structures
    9. Excessive home occupation activity
    10. Dilapidated or damaged structures
    11. Illegal signage
    12. Outdoor storage of unsightly materials
    13. Construction projects without permits
    14. Unlawful water discharge
    15. Dead trees and shrubs
    16. Unlawful storage of boats and RV's


City of Leawood