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Commercial Construction Permits


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Follow the links below for information on the most commonly required permits and the process to obtain them. Please note that the list does not include all types of building permits. To find out what permits are required for your project, please contact the Leawood Codes Administration Division at 913-663-9165.

  • New Commercial Buildings - This would include permits for multi-family dwelling projects such as condominiums and apartments

  • Additions to existing buildings

  • Demolition

  • Remodels - This would include new tenant finishes as well as remodels of existing tenant spaces

  • Re-Roofing

  • Miscellaneous Permits - This would include minor interior work which would not include mechanical, electrical or plumbing work in addition to items such as miscellaneous electrical, plumbing or mechanical work such as electrical service upgrades, replacing water heaters, relocating plumbing fixtures, replacing furnaces or air conditioners, etc.

NOTE: All food service facilities, click here, for information from Johnson County on Sewer and Environmental Regulations.

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