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Art in Public Places Initiative (APPI) of the Leawood Arts Council
(This is a sub-committee of the Leawood Arts Council)

The mission of Leawood's Public Art Program is to integrate highly visible art into the Leawood community for the purpose of creating a legacy of works to be enjoyed by current and future generations.

APPI is a subcommittee of the Leawood Arts Council (LAC). Just as the LAC members are appointed by the mayor, APPI is comprised of volunteers residing in Leawood appointed by the APPI Chair.

The term "public art" may include, but is not limited to: the visual and performing arts, creative production of music, drama or dance, creative writing, arts and crafts, film, photocopying or other suitable expression, including that of an artist as a member of the design team for a building, park land or infrastructure, sculpture, painting, mural, manhole cover, paving pattern, lighting, seating, building facade, kiosk, gate, fountain, play equipment, engraving, carving, fresco, mobile, collage, mosaic, bas-relief, tapestry, photography, drawing, landscape item (including artistic placement of natural material), arches, or other structures of a permanent or temporary character intended for ornament or commemoration. "Public Art" can also be performances, exhibitions, and other activities promoting the enjoyment and appreciation of the arts for Leawood residents.


  • Anne Blessing, Chair
  • Julie Cain, Council Liaison
  • Chris Claxton, Staff Advisor
    P&R Director
    4800 Town Center Dr.
    Leawood, KS 66211
  • April Bishop, Staff Advisor
    Cultural Arts Coordinator
    4800 Town Center Dr.
    Leawood, KS 66211
  • Dr. Burton Dunbar
  • Kim Hinkle
  • Carl McCaffree
  • Julia Steinberg
  • Dan Throckmorton
  • Mary Tearney


The LAC goals for public art are to:

  • Enhance the aesthetic appearance of Leawood's public spaces.
  • Increase the public's enjoyment of community areas and of the arts
  • Fulfill the mission as stated above and the City's goal of "growing with distinction."

Artist Selection Committees

Artist Selection Committees are appointed by the Art in Public Places Initiative on a project-by-project basis. The APPI subcommittee maintains a list of interested individuals and anyone who wishes to be added to the list need only make his/her desires known to the committee chair.

The make-up of a Selection Committee may be arranged to meet the needs of specific projects. Committees are generally composed of 3 to 7 members including: one artist or arts professional with knowledge of public art issues, and one LAC member. If an architect/designer for the project is selected by the City, that person shall serve in an advisory capacity on the Selection Committee. Additional Selection Committee members can include those who will be in regular contact with the artwork selected, such as neighborhood representatives, City staff, and site users. One Selection Committee member can be a non-resident.


City Art Funding

The funding sources for each project will be identified by the Art in Public Places Initiative Subcommittee as part of the project definition or scope. The Capital Art Funds shall come from one of two funding sources for all LAC projects and programs, as recommended to the Governing Body by the LAC and the Parks and Recreation Director. Monies from these funds shall be allocated for the incorporation of art into municipal construction or other public spaces and shall be used for the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of public art. Sources are as follows:

  • City Public Capital Art Fund
    The Capital Art Fund shall be included in the City's annual budget and pay for LAC projects and programs. The fund is based on city population and budgeted at $5.00 per year, per resident.

  • Public Art Impact Fee
    The Impact Fee for Public Art is assessed on non-residential private development, renovation or redevelopment projects at the rate of $.15 per square foot of such projects. This obligation may be satisfied through an art project, which is privately funded and is equal to or greater than the dollar value of the obligation, which is placed in accordance with the APPI Policy, the City's Planning codes and restrictions, and is deeded over to the City.

Private Funding

  • Grants from Arts Agencies
    Application for public arts funding may be made to private agencies such as the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation's Community Arts Fund and other private foundations which fund the arts.
  • Private Donations
    Private donations will be sought through various fundraising activities and channels. Such private, non-taxpayer monies will be accumulated in a 501(c) (3) fund, and designated for the relevant subcommittee of the LAC.
  • Private Donations of Art
    All private donations of art are subject to approval by the selection committee process. Donated art must be accompanied by a conservation fee equal to 10% of the project cost. With approval of the governing body, APPI may opt to provide this conservation fee. All gifts of art must be accompanied by a Deed of Gift.
  • Public-Private Funding
    Public-Private monies may be raised through partnerships, collaborations or matching grants.