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Educational Classroom Fieldtrips

The Historic Oxford Schoolhouse offers elementary students the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a rural student from the turn of the century in this fully-restored, one-room schoolhouse built in 1887. Classes are divided into groups so that they can better understand the one-room school experience of multiple grades learning within one schoolroom.

Each day begins with a brief discussion on the era before we ring the school bell and step back in time to the year 1909. A costumed teacher will lead the students in:

  • Lessons in arithmetic, history and spelling at antique desks by writing on slates.
  • Reading from McGuffey's Readers.
  • A recess where students will learn historic games and activities (indoor or outdoor games will be played depending on weather).
  • A lunch break, but students are expected to bring their own lunches.
  • An afternoon spelling bee.
  • At the end of the day, we return to the present and discuss the students' experiences or any questions they have about children's lives in this area of Kansas over 100 years ago.
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The curriculum follows a typical day in the life of a country schoolhouse from this era, but lessons can be tailored to meet your classroom's educational goals.

Fieldtrips typically last 4 hours for 2nd or 3rd grade classes and 4 1/2 hours for 4th through 6th grade classes.

  • Programs typically begin at 9:30 am, but times can be flexible to accommodate your school's schedule.
  • There are antique desks for up to 30 students.
  • Space for 4 adult chaperones.
  • We can accommodate multiple classes for a school's grade level on consecutive day programs.
  • Each student also receives a personalized diploma to remember their day at the Historic Oxford Schoolhouse.
  • The cost for the program is only $4.50 per student; chaperones are free.
Class 3

While the schoolhouse was originally heated by a coal-burning stove, during the restoration heating, air conditioning, and electricity were installed to ensure comfort and safety in any weather.

Prior to each visit, the teacher receives a preparation packet with:

  • A schedule and sample curriculum.
  • A list of optional activities to prepare students for their field trip
  • Information on how students dressed in the early 1900s and what they brought for lunch are also included if your class would like to further authenticate their experience.

A field trip to the Oxford Schoolhouse will bring history to life for you and your students!

The Historic Oxford Schoolhouse also offers programs and workshops on Saturdays throughout the year that are an excellent compliment to your class work. Each summer we hold a book club that meets weekly for 5 to 10 year old children. See the "Events Calendar" upcoming programs.