"Justice is sweet and musical; but injustice is harsh and discordant." - Henry David Thoreau

Diversions & Plea Agreements

Many criminal cases are concluded without a trial. Some cases may be disposed of without a trial through a plea agreement or diversion program. Under a plea agreement, the defendant agrees to plead guilty or no contest to the charge or to an amended charge.

Diversion is available for certain charges. As part of a diversion, the defendant agrees to comply with certain conditions for a period of time. If the defendant successfully complies with all the conditions in the agreement, the charges will be dismissed. If the defendant fails to comply with a condition, the diversion may be terminated, the charge(s) immediately reinstated and a trial held on the police report alone. Please click here for the diversion application.

Diversions and plea agreements are offered at the sole discretion of the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor has authorized the Court Clerks to process specific amendments under certain circumstances. Please click here for the amendment policy.

The prosecutor negotiates all other pleas and diversions only during court sessions and at the open plea docket. No negotiations will be handled by phone.