"I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine." - Kurt Vonnegut

Fire Suppression Training

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The historic mission of the Fire Department has always been to prevent fires and minimize their damage. Over the years however, the Fire Department has taken responsibility for a number of other emergencies as well, such as response to medical emergencies, hazardous materials spills, technical rescue incidents, acts of domestic terrorism, and many other emergency and non-emergency requests for service. Many training hours are still devoted to improving the didactic and practical skills of our firefighters in order to effectively respond to and extinguish fires. Areas such as hose deployment, water streams, pump operations, salvage & overhaul operations, search & rescue techniques, and incident command, are just a few areas in which firefighters continually strive to improve their knowledge and practical skills.

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Colin Fitzgerald
Training Chief
Leawood Fire Department