"I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine." - Kurt Vonnegut

Fire Department - Reports & Newsletters

Annual Reports

The Leawood Fire Department publishes an annual report which includes highlights for the year as well as a summary of department activities and statistical information. We hope you find it informative and enjoyable.

  1. 2017 - Annual Report
  2. 2016 - Annual Report
  3. 2015 - Annual Report
  4. 2014 - Annual Report


In 2014, the Leawood Fire Department began publishing a newsletter created by our firefighters filled with articles and information. We hope you find it both informational and enjoyable. If you have suggestions or requests for future content, please feel free to drop us a note (beckyc@leawood.org) or give us a call (913-266-0600).

Please click on each link below to view that newsletter.

  1. Newsletter - Issue 4
  2. Newsletter - Issue 3
  3. Newsletter - Issue 2
  4. Newsletter - Issue 1
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