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Technical Rescue Training

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Technical rescue incidents require a high level of skill and training along with specialized equipment. Examples of technical rescue incidents include a victim trapped up high (high angle rescue), down a steep slope (low angle rescue), in water or ice, in a collapsed trench or hole, or in a collapsed structure.

In the area of technical rescue, there are three primary levels of training: Awareness, Operations, and Technician.  Awareness is the lowest level of certification and training allowing for recognition and basic incident support. Operations certification is the mid-level and allows for limited operational rescue activity. Technician is the highest level providing expertise and complete incident mitigation. Currently, the majority of our firefighters are trained to the Operations level. However, Leawood also has a specialized technical rescue team with expertise in areas such as high angle, water and ice. Each year many training hours are devoted to improving the didactic and practical skills of our firefighters in order to effectively respond to technical rescue incidents. Leawood is also fortunate to have robust automatic and mutual aid plans in place allowing for emergency response to and from surrounding jurisdictions for additional support or specialized needs. 

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Colin Fitzgerald
Deputy Chief
Leawood Fire Department