"I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine." - Kurt Vonnegut

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Technical Rescue


High Angle Rescue Training

High Angle Rope Rescue Training


The Leawood Fire Department responds to rescue emergencies that often require a high level of expertise as well as specialized equipment. These emergencies can include automobile incidents with extrication, elevator rescues, machinery and equipment entanglement, building collapse, water and ice rescue, and high angle rescue just to name a few.

All personnel at the Leawood Fire Department are trained to be able to adapt to various emergencies and utilize specialized equipment. However, the Leawood Fire Department also maintains a Technical Rescue Team composed of technicians with advanced training in areas such as water rescue, high angle rope rescue, and structural collapse.

These types of emergencies don't happen often which means firefighters have to train frequently to remain proficient and be ready when every second matters.


Post Tornado Damage

Post-tornado debris removal in Greensburg, KS


Water Rescue

Swiftwater rescue training


Water Rescue

Swiftwater rescue training


Water Rescue

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