"I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine." - Kurt Vonnegut

Wood Shingles and the Fire Department

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Leawood has traditionally been a City with a lot of wood-shingled roofs. The City of Leawood ordinances once required them in order to preserve the uniquely beautiful and rustic neighborhoods of Leawood.  However, wood shingles have always been a fire hazard. Many homes have burned down over the years because they had a wood shingled roof. Often, the flying embers from these fires threatened neighboring homes. The Leawood roofing ordinance now permits many attractive alternatives to wood shingles which are safer, longer- lived and are proven to help retain the property value of the house and the neighborhood.

The Fire Department supports the right of individual homeowners to have whatever kind of roofing on their homes they choose, which preserves the character and property value of their neighborhood. Your Homes Association may also have requirements. We also hope, once informed of the risks and benefits of various roofing materials, homeowners will choose a product with low combustibility (Class A or B fire rating).

For more information, contact the Building Inspections Department for a copy of the Leawood Roofing Ordinance, including the approved list of roofing materials.

Building Inspections: (913) 663-9165
Fire Marshal Gene Hunter: (913) 266-0607 or by email.