"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Governing Body Goals


The City of Leawood recognizes the importance and value of having a deliberate planning process to help guide land use, economic development, and efficient use of public funds. To plan effectively for the future, it is necessary to set goals, review them periodically, and work toward their attainment. The Governing Body conducts an annual goal setting work session where goals are identified into: short-term goals; near-term goals; and long-term goals.


Short-term goals [1 year]:


  • Complete 135th Street Community Plan including:

    a. Updated development assumptions [2016]

    b. Best management practices regarding sustainable landscaping into LDO and City property; [2016]

    c. Cultural amenities [2016]

  • Develop an engineering estimate budget for construction of the Tomahawk Creek Trail extension from the end of the existing trail just east of Roe Avenue to the trail on Tomahawk Creek and apply to the JCPRD for funding consideration for 2017 construction [2016]

  • Create a policy for recognizing donations, sponsorships, and partnerships within the City's parks [2016]

  • Evaluate usage of City-owned property at 96th Street and Lee Boulevard [2013]

  • Evaluate City solar energy regulations for commercial properties only [2016]


Near-term goals [1 - 2 years]:


  • Evaluate temporary low-impact uses [e.g., community gardens, horseshoes, etc.] for undeveloped land at Ironwoods Park [2015]

  • Integrate upgrades and new improvements to City's Trail System [2015]

  • Evaluate new home building codes with other Johnson County cities [2015]

  • Apply for municipal sustainability awards [2015]


Long-term goals [2-5 years]:


  • Evaluate I-435 to 103rd Street along State Line Road [2013]

  • Evaluate noise level abatement options along the I-435 Corridor in KDOT ROW for non-KDOT funded projects that may include the utilization of natural sound barriers, including trees and landscaping [2013]

  • Evaluate land-use options for City-owned property at 117th and Roe Avenue [2013]

  • Evaluate land-use options for remaining undeveloped portion of City-owned property at 117th and Tomahawk Creek Parkway [2013]

  • Evaluate feasibility/scope of Activity Center at Town Center Drive and Roe Avenue [2015]

City of Leawood