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Rain Barrels


Rain barrels are permitted within the RP-A5, R-1, RP-1, and RP-2 zoning districts only (please see below for definitions of these zoning districts), and must meet the following criteria -


  • The rain barrel shall be located in the side yard or rear yard.

  • The rain barrel shall be no greater than 70 gallons, or greater than 5 ft. in height above grade.

  • The rain barrel shall not be elevated more than 6 in. above adjacent grade and shall be placed on a level, hard surface of not to include wood or gravel.

  • The rain barrel shall be fed by a downspout and be located within 6 in. of the house.

  • The rain barrel shall be restrained in such a way to prevent tipping.

  • A lid shall be fitted to the top of the rain barrel.

  • The rain barrel shall be permanently fitted or constructed with an insect guard, which effectively prevents entry by mosquitoes or other insects.

  • The rain barrel is decorative in its design and of a neutral color not to include black, or white.


RP-A5 is Planned Rural Density Single Family Residential (5 Acres Per Dwelling)

R-1 is Planned Single Family Low-Density Residential (15,000 Sq. Feet Per Dwelling)

RP-1 is Planned Single Family Residential District (12,000 Sq. Ft. Per Dwelling)

RP-2 is Planned Cluster Detached Residential District (6000 Sq. Ft. Per Dwelling)


Rain Barrels Ordinance