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Current Job Opportunities


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Regular Positions

Positions Type Closing Date Salary
Police Officer I
(Police Department)
Full-Time Until Filled
$17.50 - $29.47 / hour
Facility Technician I
(Public Works)
Full-Time November 30, 2015 $15.63 / hour
Vehicle Electronics Technician
(Public Works)
Full-Time November 30, 2015 $17.45 / hour
Parks Maintenance Worker
(Parks & Recreation)
Full-Time December 4, 2015 $12.71 - $22.55 / hour


Seasonal Positions

Positions Type Closing Date Salary
Seasonal Parks Maintenance Worker
(Parks & Recreation)
(40 hrs / wk)
Until Filled $11.00 / hour


City of Leawood