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Nature Center - Scout Programs

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Scout & Homeschool Programs



Homeschool Group Classes

Ages 7-15 years

A homeschool group with a minimum of 5 students can select from a list of courses provided. These courses will be 90 minutes in length.  Each class will have a lecture and lab / demonstration portion.

Please read and refer to the cancellation and refund policy set by the City of Leawood prior to booking your program.  All classes need to be arranged by calling 913.696.7771.

Animal Tracks
Animal Habitats
Life of Primates
Pond Ecology
Forest Ecology
Seed Dispersal

Fee: $12 / Leawood Resident Discounted Fee: $10


Scout Sundays

Beginning in October and lasting throughout the school year, the Prairie Oak Nature Center will host scouts and other youth groups workshops in support of badges and achievements.  The Nature Center can provide your troop a venue in which to properly and efficiently work toward your goals.

Offerings include but aren't limited to:

Girl Scouts
• Into the Wild
• 3 Cheers for Animals
• Earth Rocks
• Bugs
• Adventures in Science
• Wonders of Water
• Into the Woods
• Flowers
Cub Scouts
American Heritage Girl
• Tigers in the Wild
• Where in the World
• Wolf Paws on the Path • Search and Rescue
• Bears Fur, Feathers and Ferns
• Fire Safety


Eagle Scout Programs

Call (913) 696-7771 for more information