"If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second." - Edward Bellamy

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Challenge Course

located in Ironwoods Park
14701 Mission Road
(913) 681-0902 Ext. 12

The Ironwoods Challenge Course is a state-of-the-art team development and recreation facility in the 115-acre Ironwoods Park, located in southern Leawood.  the course is open for programs April through October.  Programs range from 2-hour recreation climbs to day-long team building programs.

Ironwoods Challenge Course is comprised of low and high elements.  Low elements (Lows) are activities that take place on or low to the ground.  High elements (Highs) consist of activities that occur at a height where harnesses, ropes and other specialty equipment is needed. 

Recreation programs range from 2-hour to multiple-hour programs.  Birthday parties, scouting events, organized sport teams and group rentals can all utilize one of the three 50-foot tall climbing structures.  Trained facilitators will provide all necessary equipment and instruction for a fun, adventurous climb.

Carolina T-Wall (Rock Wall). This climbing wall has over 4,000 feet of climbable space with 12-top rope routes.  Climbs range from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.

Alpine Tower Is a 50-foot tall climbing structure built out of utility poles, rope ladders, nets, dangling logs and climbing holds.  There are numerous activities to accomplish including making it to the summit.  A group could climb multiple times and still be challenged with something new.

Caribbean Course Come explore Leawood's one of a kind Caribbean Course!  You will notice three 50-foot tall tree houses, each of which is separated by individual elements; the Burma Bridge, the Double Cat-walk and the Multi-line Traverse make for a high-altitude challenge.

Team building Offered either half-day or full-day, these team building programs focus on problem-solving tasks, presented through low and/or high elements and various group activities and games.  The group will be given opportunities to discuss how the activities are relevant to work their work, school or social lives.

Team building programs assist groups to enhance cooperation among members, improve communication skills, gain trust, improve problem solving, allow for new ways to resolve conflicts and enhance leadership.  Team building programs also help individuals increase their willingness to take appropriate risks, increase logical reasoning, improve reflective thinking and promote a positive view of individual self concept.

Escape the city and venture to Ironwoods Park for your next challenge.  Your program will be tailored just for you and your group.  We can even bring our team building programs to your location (Kansas only) with our portable equipment.


While perceived risk is one of the key elements in any adventure activity, the Ironwoods Challenge Course is always focused on safety.  Knowledge of the activity, careful planning and good judgement are exercised by our well trained facilitators.

Participants' commitment to listening to instructions and being mindful of safety during the program is important.  Our structures are inspected each month during detailed maintenance as well as a yearly inspection by a professional, certified by the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology)



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