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Block Party - Parade - Run Permits

The City of Leawood does permit its residents to block off sections of streets to host block parties. However, residents wishing to do so must complete an application that includes the signatures of ALL residents impacted by the street closure. The application, which must be submitted at least 10 days in advance, includes a fee of $15. Residents must also provide their own barricades to close the street, preferably something like garbage cans or saw horses that can be moved aside in case of an emergency. Click on the Block Party Info Form link for a PDF copy of the application form.

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As part of a block party, residents may request that a police officer stop by to share crime prevention tips and show off the latest police equipment. We will make every effort, depending on activity levels, to honor this request.

If you would like an officer to stop by your event or if you have questions about hosting a block party, you may contact Sgt. Kirt Yoder at (913) 663-9333 or by email.

Parade/Run Permits

The City of Leawood also requires a permit for residents or other organizations that wish to host a parade or charity run on city streets. Event organizers are responsible for the cost of deploying cones or other barricades to direct traffic around the event as well as the cost of off-duty police officers necessary to ensure the safety of participants. A Parade/Run Permit Form is available on line. If you have any additional questions, you may contact Sgt. Mark Hackathorn at (913) 663-9332 or by email.