"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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The following video is a short overview of the City of Leawood Police Department.  Please click the icon below to start the video.

Recruiting 2014


The City of Leawood has a rich history of more than 50 years. During that time, the Police Department has been a mainstay in keeping the City of Leawood a very livable community. With 61 commissioned officers and 22 support personnel, the Leawood Police Department is essential in keeping the City of Leawood the "livable community" it is today.


The basic requirements to be a Leawood police officer are:

  • You must be 21 years of age
  • a United States citizen
  • have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • have a valid driver's license
  • complete an extensive background check
  • pass a physical assessment, psychological assessment and a drug screening
  • complete a certified police academy and department field training program

The Leawood Police Department conducts an open recruitment program throughout the year to maintain an eligibility list of applicants. All applicants who would like to be included on the eligibility list should first complete a City of Leawood application, including education history, experience, and references, to be considered for any open position. To submit an application, click here to create a user account or to logon to your existing account.   NOTE: You must use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to complete the online application.

Once your complete application has been received by the Police Department, you will receive a letter with further instructions on the initial written test, including testing dates and times. The test will be given at the Leawood Police Department, 4201 Town Center Drive, Leawood, and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete.

Those who pass the written test are added to the eligibility list from which applicants are drawn to participate in the second phase of the hiring process, an oral interview board. Preference will be given to applicants with prior law enforcement or military experience. City residency is not required.

In addition to a competitive starting salary for Police Officer I of $40,019.20 annually, the Leawood Police Department offers the following benefits:

  • A Police Officer Career Development Program provides for officer advancement within the rank of police officer.

  • The requirements for advancement are:
    • Police Officer II - Officers with no prior experience are able to test for POII after two years as a POI. Experienced officers with a minimum of two years' experience as a full time state certified officer are able to test after successfully completing their introductory period (typically one year). Successful completion of the written and oral board testing results in a 5% pay increase or a minimum salary of $45,000, whichever is greater.
    • Police Officer III- eligible to test and advance with 2 years as a Leawood PO II. Successful completion of testing is a 5% pay increase or a minimum of $50,000 annually.
    • Police Officer IV- eligible to test after 3 years as a Leawood PO III. Successful completion is a 5% pay increase or a minimum of $55,000 annually.

  • Supervision:

    Corporal- Officers are eligible with 5 years as a Leawood Officer. This initial supervisory position has a minimum salary of $60,000 annually.
    Sergeant- Must have obtained the rank of Corporal, a minimum salary of $65,000 annually.

  • All employees receive a time in service bonus of 5% every three years.
  • Annual performance based evaluations with merit raises up to 3.9%.
  • Very competitive Health, Dental, Vision, Disability and Life Insurance plans.
  • Annual sick leave buyback of up to 96 hours of sick leave (dependent on number of hours available as well as amount of sick leave used that year).
  • Annual vacation leave buyback of up to 80 hours of vacation leave.
  • A 10% of your final salary retirement bonus for employees who retire with at least 20 years of service to the City of Leawood.