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Reaching into the Community - Copper Mascot

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Leawood Police Copper!

Copper - The Leawood PD MascotOfficer Mark Chudik began the Leawood Police Department's mascot program in 2003 after a generous donation from the Leawood Lions Club. Working with Sgt. Tim Anderson, Chudik designed Copper and brought him "to life."

Each year Copper represents the department at an average of one event a month, including the City of Leawood's holiday egg hunt, annual Fourth of July festivities and October Trick or Treat/Haunted Trail event as well as a number of community events.

Copper, as a public service, is often available to appear at children's birthday parties, neighborhood picnics and other Leawood events. For more information on Copper and the mascot program, contact Officer Curtis Rice.

Copper and friends