"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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2016 Investigations

Drawing on their years of experience, the department's detectives are charged with investigating all of the crimes within the city in which an arrest is not immediately made. While their work focuses on crimes that occur in Leawood, their work extends far beyond the city's borders as they work with detectives in local, state and federal agencies throughout the area to clear their cases. Detectives in the unit may also be called to serve as members of the Kansas City Metro Chiefs Association's Metro Squad, an ad-hoc group formed to focus trained investigators in the case of a murder or other major crime that has just occurred. Sgt. Scott Hansen has also served in staff positions leading Metro Squad investigations.

In addition to their work solving crimes, the Investigations Unit has also helped to establish several proactive programs to stop crime. Within the department, the unit began a computerized tracking program for known felons and gang members who have contact with officers in our city. This program aids in suspect identification as well as helping to plot possible crime patterns. Outside the department, the unit initiated a program with the Blue Valley School District and all the Johnson County jurisdictions within the district to develop a standardized protocol for reporting and investigating child abuse. The unit has also begun to host meetings for departments throughout the area to gather and share intelligence.


Nick Rothwell 2016Sgt. Nick Rothwell joined the Leawood Police Department in 2001 after six years of service with the Miami County, KS, Sheriff’s Office and Paola, KS, Police Department. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2012 after having served as a Police Training Officer and Detective for our agency and returned to Investigations as the supervisor in 2016. Sgt. Rothwell has an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Washburn University as well as a black belt in Judo. A former youth wrestling and judo coach, he is a Defensive Tactics instructor for the department. Sgt. Rothwell is a past recipient of the Metro Chiefs and Sheriffs Association’s Silver Award for Valor, the Kansas Chief of Police Association’s Bronze Award for Valor and was recognized as the department’s Officer of the Year in 2010. Contact Sgt. Rothwell by e-mail


Investigations Contact Numbers

Det. Sgt. Nick Rothwell (913) 663-9330 Nickr@leawood.org
Det. Bill Burke (913) 663-9311 Billb@leawood.org
Det. Jason Ahring (913) 663-9312 Jasona@leawood.org
Det. Mike Marchese (913) 663-9314 Michaelm@leawood.org
Det. John Freeman (913) 663-9313 Johnf@leawood.org
Det. Randy Rausch (913) 663-9315 Randyr@leawood.org
Alison Sweet - Admin. Asst. (913) 663-9309 Alisons@leawood.org