"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Police Mission Statement

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Vision Statement

The Leawood Police Department will continually work to maintain the highest quality of public safety services for everyone in our community. We will always be aware that the public's trust in us will be determined by the individual decisions made by members of our department. We will base our decisions and actions on a foundation of integrity, fairness and professional conduct. Our department will always be concerned about the community we serve and setting our own standard of excellence.

Mission Statement and Values

The mission of the Leawood Police Department is to protect the community while setting the standard for service to ensure a peaceful quality of life.

Our mission will be accomplished through a commitment to professionalism, and our actions will be based on the following values:

Integrity - We value individual adherence to the integrity of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, and we will demonstrate honest and ethical behavior in all of our interactions. We believe that integrity is the basis for public trust.

Teamwork - We value teamwork and cooperation in combining our diverse backgrounds, skills and beliefs to accomplish our mission.

Service - We value the opportunity to provide service that is courteous, responsive, efficient and fair. We know that each act, no matter how large or small, can make an impact on the quality of life.

Fairness - We value fairness and strive to deliver services, provide assistance and make decisions that are fair and without prejudice.

Dedication - We value our individual dedication to the police profession, the protection of those in the community and the fellow members of the police department.