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JC Property Room

The Leawood Police Department property unit is responsible for handling all of the physical evidence (fingerprints, video surveillance recordings, DNA samples), contraband (fireworks, alcohol taken from underage drinkers) and safekeeping items (lost bicycles, found wallets) that are collected by the department, a total of 2,025 separate pieces in 2017 alone. In addition to safeguarding and storing these items, property unit personnel also coordinate the items being sent to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation or the Johnson County Sheriff's Crime Labs for further analysis.

Property items are released BY APPOINTMENT ONLY during normal business hours. If you believe that an item you own is being held by the Leawood Police Department, you may contact the Property Unit by calling 913/663-9305 or 663-9385. You may also contact them by e-mail by clicking on this link: e-mail Police Property.

It is the policy of the Leawood Police Department that no member shall benefit personally from the disposal of any property or evidence seized by the department, nor retain any property or evidence for their personal use. Items will be disposed of by one of the following methods:

  • When an order is received from the Municipal, District or Federal courts that the case has been adjudicated and the item(s) used as evidence is no longer needed by the courts; or
  • Once the statute of limitations on the crime has run its course, a review of case records will be made to insure that there are no pending cases. Once the case record search is completed and reviewed by an outside legal authority (Municipal Prosecutor for misdemeanor violations or District Attorney’s office for felony violations), a written approval for the destruction of the property items will be obtained and added to the Property records.
  • Items placed in the Property Room for safekeeping will be held for ninety (90) days.  Every effort will be made to notify the owner of the property and to make arrangements to pick it up.  If the owner has not contacted the Property Officer within the allotted time, the items will be disposed of.
  • Contraband items may be disposed of upon receipt into the Property Room.

When disposing of new or used items with a monetary value, the police department has contracted with PropertyRoom.com to auction any item whose ownership can not be determined or which has gone unclaimed. The Property Officer maintains permanent records of such sales and the funds generated from such sales are turned over to the city’s General Fund. (Ref: Ch. 10, Sec. 2 of the Leawood City Code).