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Records Specialists conduct a wide range of dedicated tasks that involve the management, security, and dissemination of Police Department records which must be in accordance with federal, state, and departmental regulations and procedures. In addition to these responsibilities Records Specialists perform administrative support for departmental personnel, coordinate House Watch requests, take requests for Temporary No Parking Signs, and issue Solicitation Permits.

When entering the Leawood Police Department visitors will initially come in contact with Records Division staff. Records Specialists are available to answer questions about what reports may or may not be available to the public as well as to direct visitors to other departmental services depending upon the assistance being requested.

The following information explains in further detail the Records Division's procedures in disseminating reports as well as information about House Watch, Temporary No Parking Signs, and Solicitation Permits:

Accident Reports:

Citizens are able to retrieve copies of minor and injury accident reports online through the department's Accident Report web page, in person, or by mailing a request to:

Leawood Police Department
ATTN: Records Division
4201 Town Center Drive

Leawood, KS 66211

Fatality crash reports are not available online. Minor accident reports usually take 3-5 working days for completion; when a report is finalized by the Records Division it is available online instantaneously. Individuals that come to the police station to get copies of accident reports or request reports by mail are charged a fee of fifty cents per page.

Non-Arrest Reports:

All reports are disseminated in accordance with the Kansas Open Records Act (K.O.R.A.). The only page open to the public is the first page of the report which is called the "face sheet". Information included on the face sheet is the date, time, address, reporting party, and reporting officer. The exception to this rule is the Identity Theft report which the State of Kansas has determined can be provided to the victim in its entirety. In Theft and Burglary cases the face sheet contains the items listed that were stolen which is particularly helpful to victims reporting losses to insurance companies.

Arrest Reports:

Arrested persons or their attorneys are the only persons allowed to obtain arrest reports. This includes juvenile reports as well. The charge for copies of these is fifty cents per page. Additionally, it is the policy of the Johnson County District Attorney's Office that any criminal and civil case reports routed through that office may only be disseminated through them, not through the Police Department.

Report Requests:

To request copies of police reports (other than crashes), please use the applicable form. Attorneys or defendants should use the Discovery form below. Other requests should be completed on the Open Records Request form.

Discovery form

Open Records Request form

House Watch:

If you are going out of town and would like a house watch, you may call 642-5555, then press 4 at the automated attendant during normal business hours; 642-7700 evenings and on weekends; or complete the online house watch request. Please call at least one day in advance, but most definitely prior to your departure. A house watch request will not be honored if you have someone house-sitting. If you return home before your scheduled time please call the Police Department at 642-7700 and cancel your house watch.

Temporary No Parking Signs:

If you are having a gathering at your home where there will be more than 7 vehicles, please call 663-9327 to request the signs. This must be done 48 hours in advance, and before noon on Fridays. The Leawood Public Works Department will put the signs up and take them down. If you have questions about the signs after you have placed the order please contact Public Works at 681-6902 (ext. 11) for assistance. For weekend events, signs will be put out prior to 3:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Solicitation Permits:

The City of Leawood requires all persons soliciting within the city limits to obtain a solicitation permit. First-time applicants should review the city's ordinance pertaining to solicitations (Article V, Chapter 2 of the City Code) to insure they are in compliance with all of its provisions.

Solicitation permit applications are submitted in person to the Records Division. One form per company is required. The application must contain the full first name/middle name/last name, address, social security number, and date of birth of each person who will be going door-to-door. The applicant must also submit a copy of each person's driver's license/state issued ID and their company identification as required by the ordinance.

A permit fee of $10 per name is collected when the application is submitted to the Records Division. The Investigations Unit will then complete a criminal history record check on each individual before a permit is issued. This application fee is non-refundable. Depending upon the results of the criminal history check, a solicitation permit may or may not be approved. No one can be added to a permit after it has been issued.

The single use permit, once issued, is valid for 90 days. Penalties for representatives of a company caught soliciting in violation of a permit include being ticketed, fined, and/or arrested as well as permanently revoked from any solicitation in the City of Leawood.

Questions about the solicitation permits should be directed to 663-9309.