"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Reaching into the Community - Safety Programs

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Community Safety Programs

The Crime Prevention Unit of the Leawood Police Department is available to provide information, services and programs to assist in reducing criminal opportunity.


ALICE (Response to Violent Events) Training

Leawood Police Officers Emily Craighead, Chris Rues and Mark Chudik are available to host community training events covering the survival of violent encounters in traditionally non-combat environments (i.e. schools, churches, offices, etc.).  The officers, who have each received specific training in this topic, share proactive and reactive survival options and tactics learned from past incidents.  If you would like to schedule a presentation for your organization, please e-mail Mark, Chris, or Emily.

Child Safety Seat Inspection

Child Safety Seat PhotoThe Leawood Police Department and the Leawood Fire Department have joined together to better serve people requesting an inspection of an already installed seat. To minimize wait times, we are implementing an appointment based system for the inspections. Please call ahead to make sure that we are able to get your seat inspected for you.

Please try to make your appointments at least a week in advance. To schedule an inspection:

  1. On Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM: call Becky Craig at (913) 681-6788 X 10
  2. Other days: call the Leawood Police Department at (913) 642-5555.
  3. Send an e-mail to the employees who do inspections, CARSEAT@leawood.org. They will call you to set up an appointment.

Effective July 1, 2006, the following child safety equipment is required for vehicle passengers under the age of 14.

  • Children under 1 year and 20 pounds must be in a rear-facing child safety seat.
  • Children 1 year through 3 years must be in a forward facing child safety seat.
  • Children 4 years through 7 years must be in a booster seat UNLESS a) the child weighs more than 80 pounds, b) the child is taller than 4 feet 9 inches or c) only a lap belt is available.
  • Children 8 years through 13 years must be protected by a safety belt.

Warnings will be issued for violations of the booster seat law only. Other safety belt tickets may still be ticketed. Beginning July 1, 2007, the fine for a violation of any part of the Child Passenger Safety Act will be $60 plus court costs.


Armed Robbery Prevention

This program is offered to business owners and retailers. Its purpose is to assist in reducing the opportunity for a robbery. Also, the program provides advice on proper and safe procedures to follow if a person is victimized by an armed robber.


Business Security Survey

Business security surveys are designed to determine existing physical and procedural weaknesses and to recommend devices, procedures and methods which will help reduce or eliminate exposure to criminal opportunity. Electronic security measures may also be discussed.


Child Fingerprint Training

Available Monday through Friday 7am to 3pm, a member of the Crime Prevention Unit will train individuals to fingerprint children. The training will consist of the proper techniques to obtain palm prints and thumb impressions. Fingerprint equipment is available and can be checked out through the Crime Prevention Unit.


Counterfeit/Bad Check Program

This program is designed for the merchant and deals with the recognition and identification of counterfeit currency and bad checks. The program deals with what should be done in each case and the role the police department plays in each of these crimes.


Financial Institution Employee Training

This program is designed to inform financial institution employees on various crime problems unique to their industry. Topics covered in these classes include armed robbery prevention, how an employee should react to a holdup, and how to preserve physical evidence after a crime has occurred:  Above all, personal safety is stressed. These classes are presented at financial institutions upon request.


Neighborhood Watch Meetings

This program is a self-help cooperative involvement by persons living in a neighborhood. The aim is to get neighbors acquainted with each other and show an active interest in combating the problems of crime. The program also includes displays and information on Operation Identification and home security techniques. Members of the Neighborhood Watch Program assist their police department by providing many additional sets of eyes and ears.


Operation Identification

The police department loans engraving tools to home and business owners. This program is designed to deter theft and burglary by making all property readily identifiable by law enforcement agencies. The suggested number to engrave is your drivers license number, e.g. KS. D.L. K12-34-5678. Upon return of the engraver, warning stickers are given out. These warning stickers state, "all valuable items on this premises have been marked for ready identification by law enforcement officers." If a person owns their own engraver and has marked their valuable items, the police department will provide them with stickers upon request.

Engravers and warning stickers are available free of charge to citizens of Leawood at the police department through the Crime Prevention Unit of the police department. An explanation of Operation Identification is included in the Neighborhood Watch Program.


Personal Safety for Men and Women

The purpose of this program is to disseminate information on how to avoid situations and locations where an attack may occur. The program projects an awareness theme rather than physical defense tactics.


Physical Security Displays

The Crime Prevention Unit periodically organizes public displays dealing with various programs of the police department as well as physical displays featuring many items for security of the home and business. These displays include door locks, window security and other miscellaneous security hardware devices. These displays are designed to create public interest in home security, Operation Identification and Neighborhood Watch programs.


Recruiting/Career Talks

These talks and displays are designed to educate citizens and prospective police applicants about the benefits and opportunities offered by the Leawood Police Department. Career talks are offered to groups upon request. Recruiting seminars target college campuses and cities throughout the mid-west. These programs are intended to inform the public about the employment requirements and application process of the Leawood Police Department.


Residential Security Survey

The purpose of conducting a residential security survey is to determine existing physical weaknesses and make recommendations which will reduce criminal opportunity. Written surveys are accompanied by a residential security booklet.


Safe Driver Presentations

Leawood Officer Mark Chudik hosts a fast and fun ninety minute presentation for young and old drivers alike.  He'll share traffic statistics, Police Officer perceptions, common and uncommon traffic issues and crash prevention tips.  If you would like to schedule a presentation for your group, contact Officer Chudik or call 642-7700.


Self Defense Classes

Leawood Police Officers host FREE, FAST & FUN two hour self-defense classes.  The course covers delay and escape tactics and the moves are easy to learn and remember.  The classes are held on training mats, so gym clothes are the attire, but shoes are not allowed on the mats.  Attendees under 18 years of age must train with a parent/guardian and all participants must sign a waiver.  Contact Officer Chudik if you would like to schedule a class.  Open classes are also posted on the City of Leawood Parks & Rec web page.


Shoplifting Prevention

Crime Prevention Unit officers offer this program to interested persons, especially retail business employees. The program consists of a video illustrating techniques used by professional and amateur shoplifters, and how this crime can be prevented or minimized.


Speaking Engagements

Members of the Crime Prevention Unit are willing to speak to all types of groups, organizations and civic clubs interested in crime prevention. Talks can be tailored to any specific crime or law enforcement subject.