"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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Bike Patrol 2016First begun in 1998, this two-person unit has filled a valuable niche in the department. The patrol cyclists, riding Trek mountain bikes, patrol the city's scenic parks, exercise pathways, and the Town Center Plaza and Park Place shopping districts. However, they are always available to move into other areas of the city for directed patrol assignments.

The patrol cyclists also stay busy in the community conducting bicycle rodeos, safety helmet fittings, safety seat installations and other public safety initiatives. For more information on the Leawood Police Cyclist Unit, e-mail Officer Chris Rues.


The Leawood Police Department's police canine unit was started in 1994 by Officer Greg Turney and his partner Zorro. Over the next 22 years, Officer Turney and partners Zorro, Falco, Rocco and Cliff established themselves as valuable resources to the citizens of Leawood as well as a number of other area cities. Officer Turney retired in 2016 after 29 years of service to the City of Leawood. In recognition of his service, K9 Cliff, who was trained to initial certification as a puppy by Officer Turney, retired with his partner.

In 2003, Officer Jim Herman and Baehr joined the unit, giving the city two canine/handler teams.  Leawood K9s are cross-trained and certified as patrol dogs, capable of tracking and - upon command - apprehending a fleeing suspect, and as narcotics odor detection dogs, able to sniff out illegal substances.

K9 Bob Earl


Bob Earl, a Belgian Malanois/ Mechelse Herder, was first teamed with Officer Jim Herman in 2013. In a change from previous K9s, Bob Earl is a passive alert K9, meaning he will sit down to signal that he has found a narcotic odor. Previous department K9s have all been trained to scratch to signal their alert. Officer Herman previously teamed with Baehr and Duke.




K9 Kimo



 Kimo (key-mo), a German Shepherd, is the unit's newest member. He and his handler, Officer Josh Hayes, were teamed together in March of 2017. Like Bob Earl, Kimo is a dual purpose K9 who is trained as a passive alert K9, sitting down rather that scratching to indicate where he has found a narcotic odor. Kimo was originally born in Czechoslovakia before being brought to the United States for training. Kimo is Officer Hayes' first law enforcement K9, but he previously worked with three bomb detection dogs while serving with the United States Marine Corps and as a contractor for the U.S. State Department overseas.




The Leawood Police K9 unit also has several officers who have received specific training to act as decoys to assist in the training needed to keep our K9s at the highest skill level.

LPD's K9 teams are members of the Kansas Police Dog Association and complete yearly certification through this organization. If you have questions about the Leawood Police K9 Unit, you may e-mail the units' members here, Police K9.

Retired Leawood Police Canines

K9 Zorro K9 Falco K9 Baehr Rocco K9 Duke

K9 Zorro


K9 Falco


K9 Baehr


K9 Rocco


K9 Duke


Cliff 2012

K9 Cliff



Honor Guard at the K

The Leawood Police Department's Honor Guard was formed in early 2006. After training with members of the Los Angeles Police Department's Honor Guard, the unit was activated and now performs flag presentations, escorts and other ceremonial duties representing the City of Leawood throughout the Kansas City-metro area.

If you would like the Honor Guard to appear at your function, you may e-mail Sgt. Ken Whiteside.