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The Administration Division of Public Works is responsible for the management and administration support of the overall operations of the Department and 50 employees. The Department is made of:

  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Street Maintenance
  • Stormsewer Maintenance
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Facility Maintenance

Division staff offers support for various committees appointed by the Mayor: Public Works Committee, Stormwater Management Committee and Ad-Hoc committees as needed. The Administrative Division is comprised of the following:

  • Director of Public Works
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Contract Administrator
  • Two Administrative Assistants

The Administrative, Engineering and Design Divisions are located at City Hall with all other Divisions located at the Public Works Maintenance Facility at 14303 Overbrook. The core duties of the Administrative Division are as follows:

  • Day to day operations of all divisions.
  • Overseeing requests for qualifications & proposals from qualified consulting firms and vendors.
  • Contract Administration on professional, construction, and service contracts for all public works projects, all capital projects, and other projects as assigned.
  • Coordination of all project finances with the City's Finance Department.
  • Oversee all request and documentation for public works inspection.
  • Oversees GASB-34 as it relates to public infrastructure owned by the City.
  • Compliance of State and federal laws related to NPDES, federal aid, and FEMA.
  • Disposal of surplus items including city vehicles, construction vehicles & equipment, furniture, and other items. This is done through Affiliated Auctioneers.