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2018 Construction Projects

  • Tennis Court Rehabilitation Project

    Construction bids were opened on July 10, 2018. McConnell & Associates Corporation was awarded the contract at $324,977.15 on August 6, 2018. The project consists of renovation of six (6) courts at Leawood City Park, 10601 Lee Boulevard and includes: existing asphalt pavement milling and resurfacing, fence removal and reinstallation, net post removal and reinstallation, court seal coat, surface color and striping, material testing, and other construction.

    Continental Consulting Engineers is the Project Manager.

  • Mission Road - 119th to 127th Street

    Construction bids were opened on June 28, 2018. The results of the bid opening revealed costs that significantly exceeded the City’s budget for this project. It has been decided the Public Works Department will postpone this project for 2018, and rebid in early 2019. The scope of the project will remain the same with pavement removal, curb replacement, paving, storm sewer removal and replacement, pavement markings, sodding, street light removal and replacement, traffic signal modifications and other construction.

  • Ironwoods Park Parking Lot Improvements

    Construction bids were opened on July 24, 2018. O'Donnell & Sons Construction was awarded the bid of $614,559.25 on August 6, 2018. Construction consists of curb removal and replacement, milling, storm sewer installation, sidewalk removal and replacement, pavement markings, asphalt surface and other construction.

  • 2018 Residential Program - Ultrathin Asphalt Surface Project

    The Residential Program is scheduled to take place from August through October 2018.

    The 2018 contract involves areas in the following areas/subdivisions:

    • Leawood Estates:
      • 96th Street (Lee to State Line Road)
      • 97th Street (Lee to State Line Road) with North Cul-de-Sacs
      • Lee Boulevard (103rd Street to City Park Entrance)
    • Leawood Country Manor
    • The Woods
    • 114th Street (115th to Tomahawk Creek Parkway)
    • Pembroke Court
    • Waterford
    • 137th Street (Nall to Roe)
    • Briar (135th to 137th)
    • Estates of Ironhorse

    The City will be working with O'Donnell & Sons Construction Company, Inc. to improve the streets in these neighborhoods. This 2018 Ultrathin Asphalt Surface Project will provide a one-inch asphalt surface over the existing pavement in 12 subdivisions.

    What to Expect

    Due to the number of streets involved in this project, the specific dates for construction for each street is not available at this time. The contractor will notify residents 48 hours prior to working the street.

    Working hours are limited between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The process for each street will include edge milling followed by placement of the asphalt surface. Residents will receive notification from the contractor for both milling and paving unless both operations are completed on the same day. However, these activities are usually separated by several days.

    How You Can Help

    To allow the construction to be completed as quickly as possible, please have all vehicles removed from the street prior to 8:00 a.m. on the date specified on the contractor’s notification. Access to the street will be limited while construction is occurring. If possible, do not drive on newly placed surface prior to the contractor opening the road. This may result in damage to the new road surface. Asphalt material may stick to your car, which is difficult to remove.

    We thank you for your patience during the construction of this project. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Public Works Office/Construction Inspections Division at (913) 663-9130. You also may contact O'Donnell & Sons Construction Company, Inc. with any questions at (913) 681-2155.

    Residential Thin Lift City Map
  • Leawood North Bike Loop

    A project this year of the Sustainability Advisory Board/Sub-Committee Bicycle/Walk Leawood Committee was the creation of a 10 mile Bicycle Loop in north Leawood.

    The Public Works Department opened bids for construction in March of 2018, and Council awarded a construction contract in April to C-Hawkk Construction Inc. for $34,547.80. The final payment and contract completion is set for July 2018.

    The Project provides a signed bike route and is appropriate for all ages of bicycle enthusiasts; although young children should be accompanied by adults. An informational kiosk is situated at the starting point at City Park, 106 & Lee Boulevard. The bike loop is marked with City of Leawood North Loop signs to guide you on the path. So check it out, have fun and remember to always wear a helmet.

    Road sign marking Leawood North Bike Loop on a street light pole Photo of bicyclists riding North Loop led by two Leawood Bike Police Officers Photo of bicyclists riding on the Leawood North Bike Loop
    Map of the North Bike Loop
  • Mission Road - 85th Street to 95th Street

    A Mill & Overlay is scheduled for Mission Road, between 85th to 95th Street. Sidewalk will also be constructed on the Leawood side of Mission.

    Leawood and the City of Prairie Village, Kansas, have entered into an Interlocal Agreement with the Board of County Commissioners of Johnson County, Kansas for the improvements. The Project will be funded in part by the County Assistance Road System ("CARS") Program. The Project is being administered by the City of Prairie Village, KS. Construction is expected to begin in June of 2018.

    Johnson County Wastewater will be completing their work on their force mains from July to September on this stretch of road as well, we hope to have our new surface placed on Mission Road after their work is completed.

  • NEW TRAFFIC SIGNAL - Mission Road at Lee Boulevard

    The City of Leawood authorized the installation of Permanent Traffic Signals at Mission Road and Lee Boulevard. As part of the Johnson County Wastewater Treatment Plant reconstruction project, the area will soon be seeing more traffic as the treatment plant is expanded. Johnson County and Leawood will share in costs of the new signal.

    The County is on a tight schedule to complete their project. Signals take approximately six (6) months to design, bid and construct. It is believed the addition of signals will not only assist motorists with the added construction traffic, but help in providing a smoother traffic flow of the developing area and City Park events as well.