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Why Are the Curbs Being Replaced?

Arterial Street Improvements - 2017


Roe Avenue Improvements, from Tomahawk Creek Bridge (12300 Block) to 135th Street

A construction contract was approved on June 5th, 2017 with J.M. Fahey Construction for improvements to Roe Avenue. Construction will begin on June 19th, 2017 and expected to be completed by August 13th, 2017.


133rd Street Improvements, from State Line Road to Birch

A construction contract was approved on June 5th, 2017 with J.M. Fahey Construction for improvements to 133rd Street. Construction will begin on June 19th, 2017 and expected to be completed by August 13th, 2017.


Roe Avenue Improvements, College Boulevard (111th Street) to 119th Street - Completed

The City approved a construction contract with Miles Excavating, Inc., on February 20, 2017, for improvements to Roe Avenue. Improvements include overlaying the street, replacement of corrugated metal stormsewer pipe, replacement of the curb, installation of LED streetlights, modifications to center turn lanes and minor modifications to traffic signals.

The cost for the project is $2,441,908.76 with Johnson County CARS funding 50% of the costs. The City's share of the cost will use funds from the Curb Program and from the 1/8 cent sales tax funds. Construction will begin March 1, 2017, and continue through June 1, 2017.


143rd Street, from Windsor to Kenneth Road - PHASE 2

The City of Leawood has hired the firm of Burns & McDonnell to design the 143rd Street Improvements from Windsor to just past Kenneth Road. Project management will be performed by the City's Public Works Department.

An Open House was held March 30, 2017, for property owners along the project.

The anticipated project schedule outlines a time frame for Project Planning, Right-of-Way Acquisitions and Utility Relocations from now (March 2017) to November of 2018.

The Project is anticipated to be bid for construction in early 2019, with construction starting in the Spring of 2019, and lasting through the fall of 2020.

The project will improve 143rd from a two-lane ditch to a four-lane undivided concrete road with curb and gutter, sidewalks, streetlights, bike/hike trail, storm sewers and traffic signals. This is the second phase of 143rd Street Improvements. The section of Nall Avenue to Windsor (Phase 1) was completed in the fall of 2016.

Residential Construction Projects - 2017


Residential UBAS / Thin Asphalt Overlay Program

The City of Leawood has contracted with O'Donnell and Sons for the 2017 UBAS/Thin Overlay Program. Improvements are scheduled to begin on May 1, 2017. The entire project will take approximately 6 weeks. Rainy/inclement weather may delay the start of the program.

The program will mill the streets and apply a 1" asphalt overlay. By using the 1” overlay we are able to complete all the streets that were scheduled for the slurry seal and 2” overlay program. During the project, streets will be barricaded and closed off completely the day the surface is applied. Residents on the project will be notified prior to the road closing. Once the overlay has cooled, the barricades will be removed and the street returned to normal traffic (2 to 4 hours).

Please do not drive on the freshly laid material as long as barricades remain in place. As unexpected events can change plans, please call O'Donnell and Sons at (913)681-2155 with any questions or concerns.

The asphalt overlay improvements are planned for the subdivisions of:



2017 Residential Reconstruction Program - MAP

The following streets are scheduled for reconstruction in this year's program:

  • 92nd Street (Mission Road to Wenonga)
  • 92nd Terrace (Mission Road to Wenonga)
  • 92nd Place (Mission Road to 92nd Terrace)
  • Pawnee Lane (91st to 92nd Streets)
  • Wenonga (91st to 93rd Streets)

The project consists of pavement removal, curb removal, curb replacement, paving, storm sewer removal and replacement, pavement markings, sodding, street light removal and replacement and other construction.

The City held a Construction Bid Opening on March 21, 2017. On April 17th, 2017, the City awarded the Construction Contract to V.F. Anderson Builders, LLC. For $3,250,329.38.

Utilities are currently on site relocating. The Contractor will be on site beginning Monday, April 24th through Mid-October 2017.

Stormwater Projects

Please refer to the Stormwater page for information on current projects.

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