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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance | Facility Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance department is made up of One Maintenance Supervisor, two full time Maintenance Technicians, one Equipment Installation Technician, and the Fleet/Facilities Manager. Fleet is open Mon.-Fri. 6:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. with a 24 hour on call response 365 days a year.

Fleet is responsible for overseeing and maintaining all of the city's light duty, medium duty, heavy duty trucks, police units, staff vehicles, fire apparatus, construction and other equipment. Every vehicle including equipment is on a set preventative service rotation measured by mileage, hours or time. Manufactures service recommendations are followed and adjusted as necessary to insure maximum availability.

By scheduling preventive maintenance and reacting to other maintenance needs, we maintain the efficiency and safety of emergency vehicles and all rolling assets. We offer state of the art diagnostics, repairs and equipment. Our Technicians are encouraged to receive continuous technical training to stay current with industry standards and procedures.

There are 119 vehicles and 121 pieces of equipment in the City of Leawood's fleet. These can range from the Police Cruisers, Fire Apparatus, Various size trucks, SUV's, sedans, grounds maintenance, construction and other equipment. Fleet Maintenance also provides extensive fabrication and welding services for all Departments as well as installation of specialty equipment for the Police Department and other city departments. During emergency operations, Fleet Management performs equipment repairs, emergency fueling, off-site maintenance, and generator support to sustain critical city functions.

Fleet Maintenance furnishes technical information and prepares bids and specifications for the purchase of new vehicles and equipment for the city. Fleet is also responsible for new vehicle installations as well as fleet disposal.

Surplus vehicles not traded in, are sold thru Affiliated Auctioneers. You can visit their website by going to www.affiliatedauctioneers.com Purchases of commodities are such as parts, fuel, vehicles and equipment are made in cooperative agreements where possible.

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for compliance with State regulations applicable areas include items such as Fuel Storage, Hazardous waste disposal and Employee/Community Right to know programs.