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Stormwater Rules & Regulations

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The City of Leawood has adopted several ordinances and policies important to managing stormwater and runoff.

The Stormwater Management Ordinance includes the Stormwater Management Program, a comprehensive approach to preventing pollution of our waterways and flooding.

Leawood's Post-construction Ordinance has been adopted to address discharge of pollutants from stormwater runoff caused by development and redevelopment. As part of this ordinance the City has also adopted the Stormwater Manual of Best Management Practices For Stormwater Quality to aid developers, contractors and the entire Leawood community to make forward-looking decisions concerning stormwater and runoff challenges during construction activities.

The Illicit Discharge Ordinance is designed to prevent discharge of pollutants that can result in disease or harm to people and the ecosystem. You can report illicit discharges and other stormwater and runoff pollution by going to jocogov.org. You can also contact the City of Leawood at 913.681.6902 or by email.

The Creek Cleanup Policy 15-515 of City Code has been developed to assist property owners in keeping their natural channel clean of debris so water can flow freely. See paragraph 6 under Private Responsibilities.

The City of Leawood has developed Maintenance Policy and Procedures for maintenance of public improvements within dedicated easements in and along natural channels.