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Residential / Community Stormwater & Runoff

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Residential/Community Stormwater & Runoff


What is a water shed? We all live in a water shed. Its simplest definition, a watershed is an area of land that drains to a common body of water, such as a nearby creek, stream, river, or lake.

You might not think very much about the water that finds its way into our storm drains, streams, rivers and lakes from rain, snowmelt, yard watering, car washing, swimming pools, sump pumps and other sources. But stormwater and runoff can cause pollution, flooding and other problems.

Managing stormwater and runoff is an important part of the Leawood Public Works Department's mission. We have prepared this section of our Web site to provide easy-to-find information about our stormwater and runoff services, pollution sources, flooding and rules and regulations, as well as a convenient way to report stormwater and runoff problems.

The information provided here is intended to help Leawood residents and businesses, as well as builders and others whose activities affect our land and water, make decisions and take actions that preserve one of our most valuable resources — water.

Please make sure you check out our Stormwater Best Management Practices - 2018 BMP Cost Share Reimbursement Program.

Here are City of Leawood current Stormwater Projects.