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Street Light Petition

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Street Light Petition

Procedure: To request the installation of a streetlight you may contact the following:
David Ley, City Engineer (913) 339-6700, ext. 134

The property owner requesting a streetlight shall provide the Public Works Department the location. The Public Works Department will review the location along with potential conflicts and locate most appropriate location. Once the location is determined Public Works will send out a petition to the requesting resident. The petition will include a map showing the location, the boundary of the petition, adjacent lots, and the name and address of the person requesting the petition.

At least 1/2 of the property owners identified in the boundary need to sign the petition. The property owners on either side of the streetlight including the properties on the other side of the street have to sign the petition.

Once the petition is returned with all needed signatures, the Public Works Department will stake the location and wait for a period of 2-weeks for any changes. After the 2-weeks the City will proceed with the installation. The installation takes 3 to 5 months to complete.

Please click here for a copy of the petition that is sent to the property owner requesting a streetlight.