"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Sense of Place


Leawood, located in Johnson County, Kansas, is a suburban community in the Kansas City metropolitan area. It covers 14.7 square miles and resembles an elongated rectangle running north/south. Interstate-435 and the K-150 highway corridor both cross through the City, I-435 just north and K-150 just south of the center of the community. Leawood is bordered on three sides by the cities of Overland Park and Prairie Village, Kansas, and on the fourth by Kansas City, Missouri.

Natural Features & Climate

The City is considered one of the most beautiful communities in northeastern Kansas. The land, characteristic of this part of the state, consists of flat valleys and gently rolling hills. Indian Creek and Tomahawk Creek waterways connect in central Leawood and the Blue River flows through the southern part of the City.

Average Temperature in Fahrenheit (January - June)
January February March April May June
25.2 30.0 46.0 53.8 64.6 75.8
Average Temperature in Fahrenheit (July - December)
July August September October November December
76.0 75.3 67.7 57.5 46.3 36.5

Fast Facts

The incorporation of the City of Leawood in 1948 set a standard against which all other Johnson County cities would eventually be judged. Leawood is widely recognized as a desirable place to live and work. Leawood is continuing to design an exciting future city with a prospering business climate as well as a fully preserved and enhanced quality of life.

Date of Incorporation: November 30, 1948
Form of Government: Mayor / Council
  Separately elected Mayor
  8 Council Members
  Non-Partisan Basis
  4 year, Staggered Terms
Population: 1990 Census = 19,693
  2000 Census = 27,656
  2010 Census = 31,867
Education: 4 Elementary Schools
  2 Middle Schools
  3 Parochial Schools
Churches: 7 Protestant
  3 Catholic
Public Safety: 1 Police Station
  3 Patrol Districts
  61 Sworn Officers
  3 Fire Stations
  52 Firefighters
Recreation: 1 Aquatic Center
  6 Tennis Courts
  17 Fields
  8.25 Trail Miles
  1 18-hole Golf Course
  6 Parks
  486 Parkland Acres
Public Works: Maintenance of:
  201.8 Street Miles
  4,093 Street Lights