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Proposed Tomahawk Wastewater Expansion


The public is invited to come to a presentation on the Proposed Expansion of the Tomahawk Creek Parkway Wastewater Treatment Plant. Please see the following details -


March 22, 2016 Meeting Information -

Open House - Brookwood Elementary - March 22, 6:30-8:00pm [180.85 KB]
Johnson County Fact Sheet - as of 03/15/16 [1123.81 KB]

February 1, 2016 Meeting Information -

February 1st Agenda [21.92 KB]
Powerpoint Presentation [2684.72 KB]
Audio of Feb. 1st meeting - please note this is a large file. [21995.34 KB]
Minutes of Feb. 1st meeting [53.75 KB]

City of Leawood