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Gezer Park: Features Pay Tribute to Gezer Region


Gezer Master Plan

  • Park area matches the shape of Israel
  • Water features symbolize the Dead Sea, River Jordan and Sea of Galilee
  • Aromatic (Havdalah) garden grows traditional ceremonial spices
  • Landscaped hills symbolize Golan Heights
  • Ceremonial (Lag B'omer) fire pit facilitates celebrations and rituals
  • Replica of ancient planting calendar discovered in the Gezer Region reminds us of our shared agricultural roots
  • Natural stone from Jerusalem adorns structures
  • Avanium Vetseiadim (Stones and Steps) sculpture created by Israeli artist Ilan Averbuch encourages us to dream
  • Children's play area celebrates and supports our shared future
  • Archeological dig play site educates youth on the rich history of the Gezer Region
  • Informational kiosks and coordinated curriculum help educate the community


How To Contribute

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