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Gezer Park:Specific Funding Opportunities Available


WadiAll private, tax-deductible contributions to the Leawood Foundation and the Gezer Park are greatly appreciated. If you would like to fund a specific part of the project, these cost estimates may assist you in choosing one.

In addition, contributions of $5,000 and more may include naming opportunities. Please contact the foundation office for more information.


Playground Structure $150,000    
Open Air Shelter $62,000    
Ceremonial Fire Pit $7,500   Funded!
Aromatic Garden $4,000   Funded!
Educational Kiosk Signage (6) $3,000   1 Funded
Benches (10) $1,800   1 Funded
Trees (2) $1,000    

 Gezer Park Sign


How To Contribute

Gezer Park Funding Opportunities