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Gezer Park: Public Art Enhances Connections


Stone StepsAvanium Vetseiadim (Stones and Steps)

This dramatic sculpture, rising from one of the park's many water features, was created by Israeli artist Ilan Averbuch. It encourages us to dream. According to Mr. Averbuch, the ladder has a physical dimension but has occupied the human mind, from very early on, as a dream metaphor (e.g., Jacob's Ladder). Water is seen as the beginning of life and as an element of cleansing. "In this work," he says, "I wanted to connect the 'sea of the unknown' with our desires to reach out for more than what we have." The Leawood Arts Council commissioned the piece.


Gezer TabletAncient Planting Calendar

One of the most prominent features of the park is a special gift from the people of Gezer. It's a reproduction of an ancient 8' by 4' limestone planting calendar inscribed in paleo-Hebrew script. It was discovered during an archeological dig in the historically agricultural Gezer area. The tablet is one of the oldest known examples of Hebrew writing, dating to the 10th century BCE. The reproduction was created by Israeli artist Gadi Fraiman.




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