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Leawood Art On Loan - Guardian

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Steel & Plexiglas Sculpture
Installed May, 2012
2012 - 2013 Located on the lawn west of the parking lot, City Hall

Guardian Art Piece


STRETCH's works have been on display in private and corporate collections throughout the world. His choice of materials; glass and steel, work against each other, causing tension while maintaining a high level of dialogue. Guardian's size alone will command attention standing at 23' high.

Guardian is a sculpture that represents the watchful eye - the observer, the lookout, the overseer. As the name implies, Guardian is not Big Brother but a parental figure or a mentor. We all need guardians in our life. They show us the way and mark the path through our experiences. This sculpture is a stable pillar from the earth pushing upwards towards the sky with a dynamic flow of metal. Its totem qualities gain influences from windmills in Holland, bridges, and the upward growth of community.

STRETCH is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute. He completed his masters at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA. STRETCH has worked with numerous artists on public commissions - for airports, college campuses, and city sculpture parks around the world. He has been building large-scale sculpture for more than 20 years. Recently presented an Urban Hero Award, STRETCH plays a major role in the community. He has served as vice president of KC's oldest non-profit artist coalition (KCAC), and has been a board member for Review Magazine and the Crossroads Community Association.

Guardian is the eighth temporary installation of the "Art on Loan Program".