Ambulance Service

In the mid 1950s, because it could take 30-45 minutes or longer to get an ambulance in Leawood, the Fire Department purchased a 1956 Ford Panel van and converted it into a rescue unit.  This enabled the Fire Department to respond quickly to medical emergencies in the City and transport patients to area hospitals if necessary.

Volunteer firefighters, trained in first aid, began to operate what was known as Leawood Rescue. Over the years, Leawood Rescue was developed into one of the most professional and highly trained units in the area, often being recognized for their outstanding service.

In October 2005, the Leawood Fire Department discontinued its ambulance transport service but continues to respond to all medical emergencies in the City as first responders. Johnson County Med-Act  provides the ambulance transport service for the entire county including Leawood. Med-Act bases an ambulance in Leawood at Fire Station 32 and maintains many others in the surrounding area.