Governing Body Goals

Short-Term Goals (1Year)

  1. Continue 135th Street Community Plan including:
    • Updated development assumptions [2016]
    • Best management practices regarding sustainable landscaping into LDO and City property; and [2016]
    • Cultural amenities [2016]
  2. Continue evaluation of usage of City-owned property at 96th Street and Lee Boulevard [2013]
  3. Parks Maintenance Facilities relocation Implementation Plan and Construction Plan [2018]
  4. Place maps of bike loops, trail system and art pieces on City webpage [2019]
  5. Add stepping stones to City art pieces [2019]
  6. Receive summaries of EDC Exec and full EDC meetings [2019]
  7. Consider institution of LGBTQ non-discrimination protection [2019]
  8. Promote suicide prevention awareness and resources [2019]
  9. Review and evaluate funding options for stormwater issues [2019]

Near-Term Goals (1-2 Years)

  1. Integrate upgrades and new improvements to City’s Trail System from Roe Avenue to Tomahawk Creek Parkway and pedestrian crossing through median  [2018]
  2. Feasibility of installing signage at City entrances, including I-435 Highway east and westbound on city property [2018]
  3. Review notice requirements for residential building activity via home owners associations [HOA] [2017]
  4. Curé of Ars street and sidewalk improvement [2017]
  5. Evaluate new home building codes with other Johnson County cities [2017]
  6. Review fence permit procedures with area cities [2017]
  7. Complete main routes to schools [2017]
  8. Study feasibility of south bicycle loop signage [2018]
  9. Develop strategy for undergrounding of power lines [2018]
  10. Add pickle ball to City facilities when courts are resurfaced [2018]
  11. Evaluate pedestrian traffic management at Curé of Ars with Prairie Village and Curé of Ars [2018]
  12. Inventory and place more pet waste stations in City parks [2019]
  13. Plan MLK recognition [2019]
  14. Increase visibility of QR for art and how City’s art pieces are acquired [2019]
  15. Explore possible public use of former Parks Facility before sale of property [2019]

Long-Term Goals (2-5 Years)

  1. Evaluate land-use options for remaining undeveloped portion of City-owned property at 117th and Tomahawk Creek Parkway  [2013]
  2. Evaluate feasibility/scope of Activity Center at Town Center Drive and Roe Avenue [2015]
  3. Evaluate temporary low-impact uses [e.g., community gardens, horseshoes, etc.] for undeveloped land at Ironwoods Park [2015]
  4. Incentivize private sector for LEED-certified criteria [2019]