"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Governing Body Goals

The City of Leawood recognizes the importance and value of having a deliberate planning process to help guide land use, economic development, and efficient use of public funds. To plan effectively for the future, it is necessary to set goals, review them periodically, and work toward their attainment. The Governing Body conducts an annual goal setting work session where goals are identified into: short-term goals; near-term goals; and long-term goals.

Short-term goals [1 year]:

  1. Continue 135th Street Community Plan including:
    1. Updated development assumptions [2016]
    2. Best management practices regarding sustainable landscaping into LDO and City property; [2016]
    3. Cultural amenities [2016]
  2. Continue evaluation of usage of City-owned property at 96th Street and Lee Boulevard [2013]
  3. Update audio-visual equipment at City facilities [2017]
  4. Leave select pond banks undisturbed from maintenance to ascertain if any impact of reducing goose population, along Tomahawk Creek Parkway and Ironhouse Golf Course [2018]
  5. Assess and maintain City tree canopy on City-owned property [2018]
  6. Improve City communication regarding water conservation efforts on City web page [2018]
  7. Parks Maintenance Facilities relocation Implementation Plan and Construction Plan [2018]
  8. Add 35 mph signs on 143rd Street and/or reduced speed ahead eastbound [2018]
  9. Improve usability of City web page [2018]
  10. Request EDC for semi-annual report [2018]
  11. Review Arts in Public Places [APPI] Master Plan [2018]

Near-term goals [1 - 2 years]:

  1. Integrate upgrades and new improvements to City's Trail System from Roe Avenue to Tomahawk Creek Parkway and pedestrian crossing through median [2018]
  2. Develop a program for 90/10 stormwater projects to use 1/8 cent sales tax for small stormwater projects [2017]
  3. Feasibility of installing signage at City entrances, including I-435 Highway east and westbound on city property [2018]
  4. Review notice requirements for residential building activity via home owners associations [HOA] [2017]
  5. Curé of Ars street and sidewalk improvement [2017]
  6. Evaluate new home building codes with other Johnson County cities [2017]
  7. Review fence permit procedures with area cities [2017]
  8. Complete main routes to schools [2017]
  9. Study feasibility of south bicycle loop signage [2018]
  10. Develop strategy for undergrounding of power lines [2018]
  11. Add pickle ball to City facilities when courts are resurfaced [2018]
  12. Evaluate pedestrian traffic management at Curé of Ars with Prairie Village and Curé of Ars[2018]

Long-term goals [2-5 years]:

  1. Evaluate land-use options for remaining undeveloped portion of City-owned property at 117th and Tomahawk Creek Parkway [2013]
  2. Evaluate feasibility/scope of Activity Center at Town Center Drive and Roe Avenue [2015]
  3. Evaluate temporary low-impact uses [e.g., community gardens, horseshoes, etc.] for undeveloped land at Ironwoods Park [2015]
  4. Review feasibility of bike lanes along Tomahawk Creek Parkway from 119th to College [2017]