"If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second." - Edward Bellamy

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Challenge Course Programs
Ironwoods Park
14701 Mission Road
(913) 696-7772

Ironwoods Challenge Course offers recreational climbs for birthday parties, scouting events, or any group that just wants to get together and have a beginning or challenging climbing experience. We also offer half or full day team building programs for corporate groups, organized sports teams, cheerleaders, dance teams, or any group that is looking to reconnect, expand upon trust, leadership, communication, conflict resolution, or problem solving skills.

Our structures are inspected monthly and a yearly inspection is conducted by a professional who is certified by the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology).



Tower Adventure - ½ to full day
Find excitement and physical challenge climbing the structure of your choice while our facilitators do the belaying. Time will depend on the number of participants in the group and elements you would like to incorporate.


Total Climb - ½ to full day
Northface ClimberA short amount of time is spent with introduction activities to get the group members acquainted then we move into Ground School where participants will learn how to use the gear involved in a belay system and how to tie proper knots. After successful practice of the belay, climbing will begin. There are opportunities for solo, partner, and group climbs as well as specific challenges during climbs. The variety of climbing options is large and we can continuously challenge your group throughout the day as well as multiple days on the course.


TeamWORKS! - ½ to full day
TeamworkThe Low Challenge Course begins with name games and energizers. These activities help the group members get acquainted and "break the ice." We then move through a series of initiatives and trust activities where the group will be working together building skills that will be used during the challenge elements. The rest of the day is spent moving through a sequence of challenges, each increasing in difficulty. These challenges take place on or close to the ground. A series of our low challenges are portable if you would like the experience to travel to your site!


Full Challenge - full dayCard LIneup
The Full Challenge combines a morning of Teaming Up activities with an afternoon of the Total Climb program. This is truly the best of both worlds! Participants have the opportunity to build unity and team skills with the group as well as spend time developing confidence and attaining personal goals.




Camps & Cliffhangers

Check back in early 2018 for more information regarding camps, Fearless Friday and Cliffhanger Saturday!

Challenge Adventure Camp

Fee: / Resident Discounted Fee:

Are your kids looking for some new challenges? Then Ironwoods Challenge Course's Challenge Adventure Camp should be your choice this summer!

Experience the Carolina T-Wall, Alpine Tower, Giant Swim and for the 12-14 year olds, the world's only Caribbean Course.

We offer a balance of climbing activities (knots, belaying, commands and technique), teambuilding challenges, survival skills, some new fun games to play with friends, some brain teasers and above all, just plain fun! For returning campers ages 12-14, more advanced climbing techniques will be introduced.



Fearless Friday Giant Swing

The thrill filled Giant Swing will be open every 1st Friday evening of the month from May through July.  It's like your backyard swing, only 35 feet off the ground!  Access by a climb up a cargo net and from a sitting position swing off the platform pendulum style.  Exhilarating!  Space is limited.  No reservations accepted the day of the event.  Please, no organized groups. 


Fee: / Leawood Resident Discounted Fee:


Cliffhanger Saturday - Alpine Tower

The Alpine Tower is our most popular structure and offers a variety of challenges and a 3-dimensional climbing experience.  Space is limited.  No reservations accepted the day of the event.  Please, no organized groups. 


Fee: / Leawood Resident Discounted Fee:


Cliffhanger Saturday - Carolina T-Wall

Rock wall climbers beginner to expert - come climb our 50 foot tall Carolina T-Wall!  We will provide all the necessary equipment and experienced belayers to help you top out.  Space is limited.  No reservations accepted the day of the event.  Please, no organized groups. 


Fee: / Leawood Resident Discounted Fee: