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The Community Garden Plots are returning for 2018

Community Garden Plot

The Temporary Community Garden is located at 9609 Lee Boulevard, behind Fire Station #1. Interested parties are reminded that this is a "pilot" project in a "temporary" location. 2018 will be the last year the current site will be available for the temporary garden

If you are interested in applying for a plot, please read the rules and regulations carefully and you may apply online at https://webtrac.leawood.org or you may complete the attached form and send it along with payment to Leawood City Hall, 4800 Town Center Drive, Leawood, KS  66211.


Garden Plot Information

     •   32 - 4' x 14' plots are available each year

     •   Only one plot is allowed per household. 

     •   The fee for the plot is $25 for Leawood residents (proof of residency is required)

          $40 for non-residents. 

     •   Renewing subscribers may retain their existing plot by applying by January 1, 2018

     •   Leawood residents may start reserving plots at 8:30am, January 2

     •   Non-Residents may start reserving plots at 8:30am, March 1



     •   The Leawood Community Garden is an organic garden. The Subscriber agrees to use

          organic methods and products.  Subscriber shall not use any genetically modified 

          organisms, non-organic insecticides, fungicides and/or herbicides.  Subscriber must

          follow directions on all product labels and carefully apply the product so it does not

          impact other garden plots.

     •   All Garden plots must be kept free of weeds and trash during the rental term (January 1, 2018 to

          November 30, 2018).  Grass and weeds around the edge of each garden plot and

          on paths surrounding the plots are the subscriber's responsibility and must be cut or

          removed.  Failure to maintain plots and surrounding areas may result in cancellation of

          the agreement.

     •   Plots may not be assigned by a subscriber to another person or entity.

     •   Subscriber's plants must be placed in the assigned plot and contained within the plot.

     •   Subscribers may use chicken wire, poultry fence, rabbit fencing or woven mesh metal

          fencing around plants.  Brightly colored fencing is not allowed.

     •   Subscribers may not plant the following:

           •   Any plant considered by the State of Kansas or City of Leawood to be a noxious,

                quarantined or invasive plant.  See www.agriculture.ks.gov

           •   Corn or submerged or flooded crops

           •   Any plants over 4' tall which could shade adjacent plots

           •   Invasive species including, but not limited to trumpet vine or English Ivy

           •   Perennials, trees or shrubs

     •   Subscriber shall not use carpets or cardboard as mulch and shall not use odorous / foul-

          smelling substances in the garden.

     •   Subscriber is responsible for watering their respective plots.  Subscribers are also

          responsible for watering equipment provided by the city.  Water may not be left running

          while unattended and will result in cancellation of the agreement.  Hose must be

          returned to the spigot post when watering is complete and water must be turned off at   

          the spigot and pressure in the wand relieved.

     •   Subscribers are responsible for tending the plot and if the Subscriber cannot do so for a

          period of time (more than 2 weeks) then the Subscriber must arrange to have someone

          else maintain the plot.

     •   Subscribers are not permitted to be in another plot without permission.

     •   Garden hours are from 7:00am-7:00pm, Monday-Friday and 8:00am-7:00pm, Saturday and

          Sunday.  Parking is permitted by old City Hall.

     •   Subscribers are responsible for bringing in the appropriate garden soil and preparing the

          plot for planting.  The City will provide cedar edging, mulch and water source.

     •   The City will build each plot frame and maintain those structures as needed.  Broken or

          damaged plot frames should be reported to the Community Garden Coordinator at

          communitygarden@leawood.org for repair

     •   Subscribers are responsible for spreading mulch in aisles between plots.  The city will

          provide mulch as needed at the request of the Community Garden Coordinator.

     •   Subscribers must remove all plant material, plant support systems and other garden

          paraphernalia from their respective plot by November 30, 2018.  Cover crops such as

          annual rye grass, hairy vetch, red clover, buckwheat and winter rye are acceptable.

     •   The City does not provide security for the garden.  Incidents of vandalism or theft should

          be reported to the Leawood Police Department, (913) 642-5555 and to the Community 

          Garden Coordinator at communitygarden@leawood.org

     •   Subscribers must keep the garden area clean of litter, waste and trash.  Please be

          prepared to take any trash and / or garden refuse off site for disposal.  The City does not

          provide waste removal or composting at this location.

     •   Cars may not be driven or parked in any of the grassy areas of the site.

     •   Subscribers must clean up any spills of garden materials in the parking lot.

     •   Pets are not allowed in the garden perimeter.

     •   The garden plots are located in the City of Leawood, Kansas.  All applicable laws must be

         followed.  The City retains authority over the garden property and may terminate this

         arrangement at any time, without notice.


2018 Regulations & Subscription Agreement


Register Online

For more information please contact us at communitygarden@leawood.org.


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