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Leawoof Dog Park

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Leawoof Dog Park

Important information regarding Leawoof Dog Park Access!

Starting Monday July 2, the dog park will not be accessible from the east parking lot due to July 4 preparation.  Please park near the tennis courts and walk along the trail.  Look for signage near the tennis courts for trail access.

Leawoof Dog Park Sign

Important information regarding access on July 4!

Leawood City Park will be closed to all vehicles on Wednesday, July 4. If you wish to access the dog park, you will need to park at the north lake (approx. 114th & Tomahawk Creek Parkway) to access the trail to get to the dog park.

In order to provide the most timely and accurate information regarding closure of the Leawoof Dog Park, we are now providing information three different ways:

Inclement weather line - (913) 982-2433 (press 4 when the greeting starts)

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LeawoodParks/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/leawoodparks

The dog park will generally close if the ground is heavily saturated and standing water is present.

Leawoof Dog Park Sign

Leawoof Dog Park is located east of City Park at 106th & Lee Boulevard.

Hours of Operation
Sunrise to Sunset
(closed Thursday, 6:00-10:00am for Maintenance)

Rules & Regulations

Paw Print Dogs must be current on all vaccinations as required by law
Paw Print Dogs must be licensed in the City they reside
Paw Print Collars, Vaccinations and ID Tags must be worn at all times
Paw Print Dogs must be leashed (6' or less) until safely inside the fenced area and returned   to their leash prior to exiting the fenced area
Paw Print No visitor may bring more than 2 dogs into the off-leash area at any one time
Paw Print Visitors must have possession of a leash at all times
Paw Print Visitors must clean up after their dogs and deposit waste in the receptacles provided
Paw Print Dogs must be supervised at all times by persons at least 12 years of age
Paw Print Dogs must be kept in owners sight at all times
Paw Print Visitors must keep gates closed


Not Allowed in the Off-Leash Area:

Paw Print Sick Dogs
Paw Print Puppies under the age of 4 months
Paw Print Pinch, spiked or choke collars
Paw Print Aggressive dogs and Pit Bull Breeds [per city ord. 2-109]
Paw Print Food of any kind
Paw Print Glass containers
Paw Print Female dogs in heat
Paw Print Any animals other than dogs
Paw PrintStrollers, bicycles, chairs, skateboards, etc.
Paw Print Commercial trainers or walkers using the area to conduct their business
Paw PrintAlcohol
Paw Print Smoking


Please Be Responsible & Enjoy the Park!

By using the park, visitors waive any claim of liability by the City of Leawood for any injury or damage and visitors are solely liable for injuries or damages caused by their dog(s).