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Leawood Demographics

Over the last 20 years, the City has had one of the fastest growing populations in the State of Kansas and is considered one of the top growth areas in the country. The City expects to reach an estimated population of 38,875 within the next 10-15 years, and has a master development plan in place to guide future development.

The 2010 Census showed a total city population of 31,867. The population in the 1990 U.S. Census was 19,693 and in the 2000 US Census it was 27,656. As shown in the table, the City's population has more than doubled since 1980. The City estimates that population will increase approximately .5% annually. Similarly, the entire area has experienced substantial growth. According to the 2010 Census, the State of Kansas experienced a 6.1% growth in population from the 2000 census; the County saw a 20.6% growth; and Leawood a 15.2% increase. Currently Johnson County makes up 19% of the total population for the state of Kansas.


Population of Leawood and Johnson County by Year
Year City Of Leawood Johnson County
2015 Est. 34,579 580,159
2013 Est. 32,991 565,787
2012 Est. 32,548 559,836
2011 32,000 552,342
2010 Census 31,687 544,179
2009 32,548 543,173
2008 31,910 534,093
2007 31,284 524,801
2006 30,670 515,275
2005 30,070 505,329
2000 Census 27,656 451,086
1980 13,360 270,269


Socioeconomic Profile

The City of Leawood's socioeconomic profile can be characterized by high levels of population growth, educational attainment, and home values. The City attracts many upper-middle to high-income families moving into the area for the first time or from surrounding cities. The City is home to the State's wealthiest zip code, 66211. The following is a list of comparative statistical information for the City, based on the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau.


Demographics of Leawood, KS
City of Leawood Johnson County State of Kansas United States
Median Age 44.7 36.4 37.4 37.2
Owner Occupied Housing Units 92.4% 70.8% 67.8% 65.1%
Bachelor Degreed Adults 74.3% 51.6% 30.0% 28.5%
Median Income Household $134,242 $75,139 $51,273 $53,046
Families Below Poverty Level 3.0% 6.4% 13.2% 14.9%
Median Home Value $391,700 $211,900 $127,400 $181,400


Leawood has been fortunate to consistently remain below the national and state averages for unemployment rates throughout the years. The annual averages are shown in the below graph for Kansas, Johnson County and Leawood.


Unemployment Rates of Leawood, KS



City of Leawood