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Maintenance Division-"Temporary No Parking" Signs

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  • Call Police Records Division- 913-642-5555 (please call at least 72 hours before event)
  • When making a request, please provide the following information to the Records Clerk:

  • Contact person and phone number.
  • The date of your event.
  • The address the event will take place at.
  • Time of the function or event.
  • Approximate number of cars expected.

Approved Sign Work Orders are sent to the Public Works Sign Division. The Sign Crew will install the signs before the event and will remove the signs on the next business day after the event. For weekend events, signs will be put out prior to 3:00 p.m. on Fridays.

The signs are typically installed on one side of the street; which will allow parking on the opposite side. This will allow for a more passable street and make it easier for moving traffic and emergency vehicles to get through if needed.

If you have questions about the signs after you have placed the order please contact Public Works at 696-7701 for assistance.

If you forget to call or if you miss the deadline for a weekend event, kindly ask your guests to park on one side of the street or the other.