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Leaves and yard waste are major contributors to blockage of roadway storm drains. The blockage can result in serious street flooding and damage to homes and businesses as well as danger to motorists.

It is illegal for Leawood residents and businesses to dispose of or blow leaves and yard waste in streets, storm sewer openings, natural drainage channels, concrete channels or open bodies of water. Residents are responsible for properly disposing of leaves in a landfill or by mulching them when mowing their yard. The City does not allow open burning for any reason.

Residents who collect leaves and waste from their yard can take advantage of several commercial collection services, Waste Management or Town & Country, or scheduled pickup through your homes association sanitation services if different than the ones listed above. You can also go to the following, Sustainability Advisory Board to view information for Deffenbaugh and Town & Country. You can go to Leawood Homes Association to see if your homes association is listed.

The City of Leawood Public Works Department removes leaves from stormsewer curb inlets and the curb line on a routine schedule in the fall. This maintenance operation keeps leaves from clogging the stormsewer, contaminating streams, and maintains street drainage minimizing street flooding and property damage. Property owners are responsible for maintaining stormsewer structures in their back yard keeping them free of debris to allow stormwater runoff to enter the stormsewer system.