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Street Lighting

The purpose of roadway lighting:

Studies have shown that roadway lighting is an effective tool in helping provide a safer driving environment. Numerous before and after nighttime crash studies have shown that roadway lighting helps prevent accidents and that the benefits far exceed its cost. It should be remembered that roadway lighting is to assist the motorist during nighttime driving and any additional area being illuminated is of secondary benefit.

Who does what?
Existing street lights in Leawood are operated and maintained by either the City or KCPL. Street lights in new subdivisions are installed by the developer (at their expense) after the street light plans have been approved by the Engineering/Design Division. In existing developed areas, residents may complete a Street Light Petition for the installation of a street light. The City pays for these street lights from the general fund; property owners are not assessed.

How do I report a streetlight outage?
Click on the following link "Street Light Service Request Form".

How do I request a streetlight?
To request a streetlight click here for the Streetlight petition.